James Woods SLAMMED Obama Like Nobody Before Him! – This Is POWERFUL!


A few days ago actor James Woods appeared Twitter speaking his words for former President Obama’s religion. He wasn’t afraid to speak about it publicly as everyone else was so scared to.

His tweet came as a response to Jacob Wohl’s tweet:
“Obama targeted Christian Churches and Conservative Charities with the IRS, but ordered investigations into Hezbollah to be stopped. Let that sink in” – Jacob tweeted.

“He is a Muslim. He can deny it, his apologists in the media can refute it, and his enablers can promote a narrative that he is a Christian. It’s a pack of lies. Obama is a Muslim and that is where his allegiance lies. Always has. Always will.” – James’s response on Twitter.

Via Fox News:
“The Obama administration gave a free pass to Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations — some of which were unfolding inside the U.S. — to help ensure the Iran nuclear deal would stay on track, according to a bombshell exposé in Politico Sunday.

An elaborate campaign led by the Drug Enforcement Administration, known as Project Cassandra, reportedly targeted the Lebanese militant group’s criminal activities. But by tossing a string of roadblocks holding back the project, Obama administration officials helped allow the 35-year-old anti-Israel criminal enterprise to evolve into a major global security threat bankrolling terrorist and military operations, the report added.

“This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision,” David Asher, who helped establish Project Cassandra as a Defense Department illicit finance analyst in 2008, told Politico. “They serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down.”

When Project Cassandra leaders, who were working out of a DEA’s Counter facility in Chantilly, Virginia, sought an OK for some significant investigations, prosecutions, arrests and financial sanctions, Justice and Treasury Department officials delayed, hindered or rejected their requests, according to Politico.”

While Barack Obama was President of the United States the world was under attack from the Muslim group of terrorists ISIS, it’s proper to question if this had something to do with Obama himself.

This, of course, is a clear indicator that Obama has actually put his hands on something very dangerous, something that will eventually be his downfall.

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