James Woods Asks Columbia Students Who Remember Obama Being A Student To Send Photos…The Responses Are Shocking


A month before the 2008 election, the Wall Street Journal published an article questioning the legitimacy of then-candidate Barack Obama’s claim that he attended Columbia University.

10 years later, and the question still remains… why doesn’t anyone who attended Columbia University from 1981-83 remember him being a student during that time?

James Woods opened the legitimacy of  Barack Obama’s claim again on Twitter today, asking his 1.42 million followers: Hey, if any of you went to Columbia University and recall Barack Obama

Woods didn’t get any positive response to produce evidence of Barry’s time at Columbia. He got some hilarious response though.

You are going to love this!

“RedPillC” responded with some interesting pictures of Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) dressed in Muslim garb that appear to be taken around the same era when Obama claimed to be a student at Columbia:



“deplorablem1ke” tweeted a photo of Barry Soetoro’s alleged Columbia University ID showing his status as a “foreign student”.




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