Ivanka Trump is About to Make Both Republicans AND Democrats VERY HAPPY


The thing about the Trump Administration is that given the opportunity, it’d probably end up making most Americans happy, including Democrats.

That’s because it’s about working for the betterment of America, not personal legacy. But liberals are just too unhinged to give them a chance.

The one member of the Administration (not officially) that might be able to break through is Ivanka.

The polices she’s pushing with regards to child care and family leave have both Republicans AND Democrats cheering.

Ivanka’s changes would let families deduct child care from their taxable incomes, and provide legally-mandated paid maternity leave for working women.

These policies satisfy Democrats, who want to see more women in the workplace, as well as blue collar Republican families where both parents already have to work.

President Trump highlighted his daughter’s cause in his speech to Congress earlier this month:

“My administration wants to work with members of both parties to make child care accessible and affordable, to help ensure new parents that they have paid family leave.”

Even Democrats have had to acknowledge that they “love” what Ivanka is doing.

CNBC reported that Ivanka’s proposals “dovetail” with Democrats’ own agenda on women and families, and are likely to receive bipartisan support.

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Imagine that. Actually working together to make America GREAT AGAIN. That’s all President Trump is asking to do.

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