Ivanka Trump Hung Something Amazing on the Wall of Her White House Office


There’s one particular moment of President Trump’s first year in office that his daughter and chief adviser most wants to commemorate.

And that is Trump’s public recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The moment was so special to Ivanka that she had the speech printed, framed and hung it on the wall of her White House office.

The Washington Post reported that the speech is hanging right alongside photos of Ivanka’s children.

As most know, Ivanka converted to Judaism when she married husband Jared Kushner, and both are strong supporters of the Jewish state.

Americans who are critical of Israel (primarily liberals and Democrats) often accuse American Jews of being more loyal to Israel than to the US. There is some concern that Ivanka’s decorating choices could fuel such hostile accusations.

President Trump is unlikely to care what those liberals think, and followed up his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by starting a process that will see the American embassy move to the Holy City later this year.

Via Breaking Israel News

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