Ivanka Trump Comes Under MAJOR Attack, But Has AWESOME Comeback


Ivanka Trump may not have an official role in the White House. But she remains one of her father’s most trusted advisers.

And that makes her a major target for Trump-hating liberals and Democrats.

But Ivanka’s also tough as nails. She’s taken every attack in stride, and keeps coming back stronger.

They’ve tried to smear her character. They’ve boycotted her business. They’ve even accosted her and her family in public.

And how has Ivanka responded? By whining and publicly gnashing her teeth, as Michelle Obama so often did?

NO! Ivanka Trump has responded by being even MORE AWESOME than she was before.

Despite having no official role in the administration, Ivanka has taken the lead on promoting women’s rights in the workplace, especially for working mothers, and has done much to boost Trump’s outreach to millennials.

She’s working just as hard as her father to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

We wouldn’t have gotten anything like this had Hillary won…

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