Ivanka BRUTALLY Attacked With Her Kids, Here’s What She Did Next


Unhinged liberals just can’t stand the fact that the Trump’s are actually normal people, and that their charm is winning over a lot of Americans.

So they have taken to petty and hurtful personal attacks on President Trump’s children and grandchildren.

Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism when she married Jared Kushner. They live an observant Jewish lifestyle, and raise their children in a biblical tradition.

So, it’s little surprise that last week Ivanka was making special cookies known as “hamentashen” with her children to mark the holiday of Purim, which is based on the events of the Book of Esther.

And she decided to share that special moment with the nation via Instagram:


Immediately the liberal trolls showed up to mock Ivanka and accuse her of exploiting her children:


In the minds of these nutjobs, it’s simply not possible that Ivanka Trump could be a normal, loving mother spending an afternoon baking cookies with her children.

That’s simply too hard to swallow for liberals who have made up their minds that the Trump family are all heartless bigots.

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But Ivanka is too classy to respond to the trolls herself.

But we can certainly SHARE this everywhere so that people stand up and support this beautiful woman and mother!

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