It’s Over: Congress Forced to Admit There Was No Russian Collusion in Trump’s Victory


Can we finally move on?

While special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation continues, the House Intelligence Committee investigation into “Russiagate” has come to a pathetic end.

A source involved in that investigation told Breitbart:

“The collusion conspiracy theory is breaking down. There is no evidence of collusion at this point after year-plus investigations in the House and Senate. [Rep. Adam Schiff] claimed a year ago he had more than circumstantial evidence of collusion, but he still can’t produce it,” said a source involved in Congress’s Russia investigations.

“And we’ve seen nothing on collusion from [special counsel Robert] Mueller. In addition, everyone now knows the Steele dossier is a fraud, and that the FBI was using it anyway. So the only thing sustaining the collusion narrative now is the media’s complicity in it. “

Even if Mueller pushes forward, this is a HUGE blow to the entire narrative that Trump somehow had Russian help in defeating Hillary Clinton.

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