IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump WINS Defamation Battle! Surprising HERO On The Way!


As more and more leftist activist was accepting the idea for pressing charges for defamation on President Trump for his alleged “insults” in some of his tweets, the court of appeals decided that it is time to react before they take advantage of the “holes” in the system to get to the President beside his innocence and in some cases objectivity in the context of the tweets.

On Tuesday, a New York appeals court ruled out a bill that you cannot press charges for defamation on President Trump for his statements on Twitter. These are not insults, these are statements.

Via The Daily Caller:

“The decision was made after Republican strategist Cheryl Jacobus accused the president of sending a “virtual mob” to attack her after she went on national television and questioned whether he was fit for office. In response, Trump called her a “real dummy!”, “major loser” and claimed she “begged” him for a job on his campaign, despite her insistences that she didn’t.

acobus was seeking $4 million in damages against Trump. Her lawyer, Jay Butterman, said Tuesday was “not a happy day for democracy”.

Today, in Manhattan, a five-judge panel have successfully reached the verdict and agreed with New York Judge Barbara Jaffe who was amongst the first to stand up for Trump’s “intemperate tweets” explaining that it is just a regular usage of the First Amendment and not something that is meant to “belittle and demean”.

The court of appeals issued an explanation that the tweets were
The appeals court wrote that Trump’s tweets were “too vague, subjective and lacking precise meaning” to qualify as defamatory and were protected speech.”

This means that President Trump is finally safe from allegations like these and can be comfortable that no one will ever try to push him for his regular way of communication. That would be interrupting his First Amendment right.

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