It’s Official – Trump Just Beat Obama in a Way No One Ever Expected


No one saw this coming, least of all the president’s critics.

For the past two years, the media has been gleefully reporting its own conclusion that Trump will be the most unpopular president in American history.

Unfortunately for them, things aren’t quite working out that way.

In fact, according to the latest survey, Trump is even more popular than Barack Obama was at this point in his presidency!

The polling of the president’s approval rating by Rasmussen Reports puts Trump’s popularity at 50 percent.

Two years into his presidency, Obama only clocked an approval rating of 45 percent.

Even more amazing is that, as pointed out by Gateway Pundit, Trump’s lead comes even as the mainstream media does everything in its power to get Americans to DISLIKE the president.

Trump gets almost nothing but negative coverage from most media outlets, and still at least half of all Americans are pleased with him as president.

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