It’s Official. The Ratings Are In. The NFL is FINISHED If It Doesn’t Stop Disrespecting America


The phenomenon of NFL players protesting the National Anthem isn’t only spreading, it’s quickly become an epidemic.

Now, entire teams are remaining in the locker room to avoid saluting our flag and paying homage to America.

And the American people have had ENOUGH.

The Daily Caller first reported on the decision by Pittsburgh Steelers coaches and players to not even appear on the field during the National Anthem.

They called it a protest against President Trump himself for urging NFL owners to fire players who disrespect our nation, and calling on fans to boycott the league.

But, who do you think Americans were listening to? Their president, or a bunch of entitled professional athletes?

That’s right, the people have been taking their lead from the president.

And the NFL is paying the price, big time.

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Breitbart reported:

A report from Sports Media Watch, says that the NFL’s Week Two game fell an incredible 24 percent over last year’s Week Two and 15 percent over the ratings seen in 2015.

In fact, this season’s Week Two is the network’s lowest mark since 1998, and the first two games of the season are down double-digits at a multi-year low.

The situation’s gotten so bad that the NFL even has Hollywood hacks out there BEGGING the American people to watch more football.

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These are folks who couldn’t give two figs about football, but just really, really want to stick it to Trump.

Take for instance failing actress Alyssa Milano, who, with her acting career in tatters, has sought to reinvent herself as an anti-Trump political activist.

This whole thing can’t get any more bizarre. But it probably will.

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