It’s Official! She’s DONE!


Millions of Americans have known how corrupt Loretta Lynch was ever since she became Barack Obama’s Attorney General. Now, it seems that the FBI has caught on to this as well.

It’s certainly not looking good for Lynch.

There was a deal struck between Lynch and Bill Clinton at the infamous airport tarmac meeting. Not long after this meeting, Lynch approached Comey about covering for Clinton. Hillary suggested that she wanted to keep Lynch on as Attorney General had she won the presidency.

THE FBI knew something was shady, according to American Lookout.

During former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony, there was little question as to whether or not there was a scheme in place to win the election for Hillary Clinton. Comey spoke at length about an encounter he had with Lynch right after her meeting with Bill Clinton at the airport, where they talked about “their grandchildren and golf.”

According to CNN, Lynch got close to Comey, and asked that he stop calling the investigation into Clinton an “investigation,” and instead refer to it as a “matter.” It seemed like an odd request to make, especially considering that we were just going into the 2016 election.

Luckily, their plan fell apart, and Donald Trump was elected as our president. No matter how hard the left tried, Clinton’s election continued to fall further from their grasp. The American people have spoken time and again.

Based off Comey’s testimony, Bill and Loretta were talking about more than just their grandkids on the airliner. Money was obviously being exchanged, and deals were being made. Call it a hunch, but we bet Lynch owes a great deal of money now for failed promises.
Comey put everyone on the spot, and now they’re being forced to answer for their erratic behavior and destruction of our constitution. There needs to be a full-on investigation into every single one of these people.
Why was Hillary SO sure she would win the election that she selected an AG months prior? Why leave the job to criminal Lynch? Obviously, there was more going on than we knew the last election cycle.
It’s almost like Hillary and company are part of a high school clique. Clinton wanted to get into office, get her friends cushy jobs working for the government, and relax — off our tax dollars — for at least four years.


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