It’s Official! He’s Out!


Patriotic Americans everywhere are cheering.

The 2017-2018 NFL season has officially started, and the one player no one wanted to see on the field has failed to find a team willing to take him on.

To be fair, there are some who want to see Colin Kaepernick on the field. But not because he’s a must-have quarterback. It’s because they’re unpatriotic ultra-liberals like him, and want to turn the NFL into a protest movement.

Well, AMERICA is having none of it.

The NFL is OUR pastime, not some platform for advancing the liberal agenda.

NFL owners heard us, and Kaepernick failed to find a team willing to sign him.

He’s OUT!

Let that be a lesson to all the other players now inadvisably following in Kaepernick’s footsteps by disrespecting the flag and the National Anthem.

Your days as football stars who can actually put fans in the seats are numbered.

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