It’s Happening – Muslims are Being Stripped of Citizenship


Get ready for riots.

Authorities in the United Kingdom have finally decided to ignore political correctness and strip the citizenship of those Muslim immigrants who pose a demonstrable threat to the nation.

Just a few years ago, such a move would have been taboo. But attitudes seem to be changing after President Trump led the way by insisting governments work first and foremost to provide safety and security to their own citizens.

Breitbart reports:

There has been a massive increase in the number of jihadists being stripped of their British citizenship, rising from a mere handful to around two every week, as authorities try to tackle a wave of returning fighters.

As the brutal Islamic State terror group begins to collapse in Syria and Iraq, it is feared that hundreds of member could return to the United Kingdom and begin to launch attacks, officials say.

Figures reported in The Sun reveal the government stripped British citizenship from 104 people and banned them from the country in 2017, which averages at around two a week.

This represents a significant increase from the year before, with just 14 losing their citizenship in 2016 and only five in 2015, when Prime Minister Theresa May was still Home Secretary and the Islamic State was at its peak territorially.

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