IT’S HAPPENING! Hawaii Residents Warned to Prepare for North Korea Nuclear Attack


The threat of a nuclear attack by North Korea is not mere speculation. Pyongyang has repeated threatened to strike the US, and the State of Hawaii is taking that threat very seriously.

State and military officials have been holding private meetings on the matter, but details have inevitably reached the press.

The Daily Express reports:

Authorities held a secret meeting last week to discuss contingency plans in the event of Pyongyang launching a deadly missile at the US islands. 

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has threatened to drop a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean amid fears Pyongyang has developed a nuclear missile capable of reaching Hawaii. 

A document shared at the private talks, and obtained by local paper Honolulu Civil Beat, featured chapter headings such as “Enhance missile launch notification process between U.S. Pacific Command and the State Warning Point.”

State representative Gene Ward told the Washington Post: “Now it’s time to take it seriously.”

He said the plan was “not to be an alarmist but to be informing people.”

Next month, Hawaii will begin testing a new warning siren system installed specifically in response to the North Korea threat.

The sirens will give local residents up to 15 minutes warning before a missile strikes the islands.

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