IT’S HAPPENING! First Major Health Insurance Company Abandons OBAMACARE


President Trump has kept so many promises, and he hasn’t even been in office for a full month yet!

He has totally gone after Obamacare, just like he said he would. And now the first major health insurance company has responded by DROPPING Obamacare!

This terrible program that was the centerpiece of Barack Obama’s presidency is FINISHED.

Politico reports that healthcare insurer Humana will fully withdraw from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by 2018.

The company came to this decision after determining that it will lose $45 MILLION in 2017 thanks to Obamacare.

As The Blaze noted, the move leaves “a sizable dent in the Obamacare market.”

It also opens up new opportunities for President Trump and Congressional Republicans to push through a totally new alternative that will finally provide Americans with REAL affordable health care.

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