It’s Happening! California Sheriffs REVOLT!


Folks, liberals in California have completely lost their minds.

California has passed a new legislation that will “protect immigrants without legal residency in the U.S.” and “counter expanded deportation orders under the Trump administration.”

The bill will go into effect from January 2018. If you live in California you have to time to move!

The Federalist papers explains how this will work: the bill will “limit state and local law enforcement communication with federal immigration authorities, and prevent officers from questioning and holding people on immigration violations.”

This bill also makes it a CRIME “to enforce federal immigration laws on premises of all schools, hospitals, libraries, and courthouses in state, which is home to an estimated two million immigrants.” 

The Free Beacon give us some more details about National Sheriffs’ Association protesting this insanity:

Law enforcement officials say it’s the state’s citizens who will pay the price with higher crime rates and avoidable tragedies.

National Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director and CEO Jonathan Thompson said Thursday that sheriffs across the country are deeply “saddened and disappointed” that the governor signed this “reckless” bill into law.

“It is unfortunate that California’s law enforcement has become pawns in this political game, but they will continue to do their jobs diligently to protect their communities,” he said.

“We also implore leaders in Washington to take action and pass sensible legislation that would prevent careless legislation from hamstringing law enforcement and would give them the tools to combat dangerous policies like this.”

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Most of the state’s sheriffs argue that the law limits their ability to remove dangerous, repeat offenders from their communities…

…Sheriffs said the law would prevent police from notifying ICE of self-admitted members of MS-13 or other gangs if they were arrested for misdemeanor crimes such as assault and battery, possession of narcotics, being under the influence of narcotics, or driving without a license.

This means an illegal immigrant can get drunk and get in their car and put countless lives in danger. They can be arrested up to four separate times before police would even be allowed to give their name to federal immigration authorities.

Folks, this is what happens when liberal run a state!

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H/T: The Federalist Papers

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