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“It’s Gonna Be Everywhere”: My Pillow CEO Lindell Planning 3-Hour Movie


Michael J. Lindell, founder and CEO of the embattled My Pillow bedding company, said he plans to release a three-hour movie Friday about purported fraud in the 2020 U. S. presidential election.

The film, which Mr. Lindell said is called “Absolute Proof,” is unlikely to quell criticisms he and his company are currently facing for him pushing conspiracy theories about the election’s outcome.

In interviews promoting the film Wednesday, Mr. Lindell claimed he made it after receiving “100% proof” that President Trump was defeated in November’s race due to an alleged Chinese cyberattack.

Mr. Lindell also repeated unfounded claims about votes being supposedly “flipped” in favor of President Biden, called Mr. Trump “the real president” and described his defeat as a “communist coup.”

Leaders of federal law enforcement and cybersecurity agencies on Election Day said they found no evidence of any malicious activity that could have led to the White House race ending differently.

Nonetheless, Mr. Lindell, 59, has continued to serve as one of the most vocal proponents of election fraud conspiracy theories, resulting in him and his company facing recent boycotts and bannings.

Several major stores recently stopped carrying My Pillow, Twitter has banned the company and its CEO from its social media servi… (Read more)

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