It’s Confirmed, Look What Happened To The NRA Because Of The Boycott


The Anti-American has lost another major battle. According to a new report, the NRA has increased its membership by 500,000 despite the boycott from the left.

From thegoldwater.com:

The National Rifle Association (NRA) became the most vilified organization in the U.S. after the tragic Parkland shooting. Democrats and liberals pinned the blame on them for the massacre. The mainstream media had a field day demonizing them.

And some business giants were quick to join the bandwagon and severed ties with NRA including Hertz, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Simply Safe. But guess what? NRA has gained nearly 500,000 new members since the Parkland tragedy.

Such is the single biggest increase since the shooting in Newtown Connecticut where NRA gained a smashing 100,000 within a couple of weeks only. With membership pegged at $30a year for the lowest tier, that’s certainly a huge amount for the gun lobby group now.

Maybe some bought new guns out of exasperation with the biased coverage of such mainstream media as CNN like Robert Norman who recently wrote an article entitled “I bought my first gun because of the CNN Townhall” that quickly went viral and also triggered spirited discussions across the country and became the topic of many TV interviews.

Or maybe it is due to Democrats’ motive to exploit the tragic shooting to their advantage anew when they introduced a bill last week that would ban over 150 different guns if passed.



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