It’s Confirmed! AG Barr Is Investigating The Investigators


Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday told Senator Chuck Grassley, him and a team are currently investigating the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and the “activities” in the summer of 2016.

Barr assured Grassley he would release the report to Congress.

Watch: In response to Sen. Grassley’s question on whether “spying by the FBI and other agencies on the Trump campaign was properly predicated,” William Barr says people in his department are helping him “review activities over the summer of 2016.”

Attorney General William Barr is testifying about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday following the revelation Tuesday that Mueller confronted Barr about his four-page characterization of the report.

The Justice Department confirmed that Mueller sent a letter to Barr in late March to express frustration with the public rollout of his report. This revelation drew immediate rebukes from Democrats, with the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee demanding the letter from the Justice Department ahead of Barr’s testimony in the Senate.

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