Italians during lockdown praise God from their windows, “How Great Is Our God”


Singing the song “How Great Is  Our God”, Italians went out to the windows of their houses to praise the Lord.

In the midst of the quarantine, all of them paid tribute to the Lord.

In the midst of the critical situation that the country is experiencing at the moment regarding the Coronavirus, a large part of people from a neighborhood in Italy sang praises to God.

A group of boys stood by their windows to sing Chris Tomlin’s song “How Great Is Our God,” and many of their neighbors sang with them.

With guitar in hand, the boys stood by their windows and began to worship God. Upon hearing this praise, those close to them did not hesitate to accompany the young people.

The event occurred the first week in which Coronavirus left everyone in quarantine in their homes because to prevent contagion, authorities restricted access to the streets for everyone.

With gestures like these, people try to give each other affection and support during this difficult time.

60 million Italians remain locked up in their homes, another 21,000 people are infected and another 1,400 have already died from the Covid-19.

Currently, Italy and Spain are the epicenters of the pandemic on the European continent.

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