Italian Woman Weighs In On American Gun Debate Demolishes Dems In Under 5 Seconds


The Twitter user by the name of Redeemed Goddaughter wrote:

“Americans, I’m watching the #GunControl protests from Italy. Take a European’s advice: Last century our governments disarmed us. Now, in Germany & the UK they arrest you for Twitter & FB posts. Lesson? If the gov’t takes your 2nd Amendment, one day it’ll take your 1st.”

Conservative Tribune reported:

It is a simple fact that the substantial portion of the citizenry in America who are armed with modern weapons is really all that stands in the way of a tyrannical government from wanton infringement of our rights.

As the woman noted, much of Europe has implemented strict gun control measures over the years that have left the population largely disarmed and incapable of effectively standing up in defense of their rights.

Thus, the citizens of many European countries have been all but silenced, forced to submit to various speech laws and other injustices, as a disarmed populace is largely viewed more as subjects instead of sovereign citizens in the eyes of all-powerful governments.

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