IT’ HAPPENING! Paramilitary forces evacuate Paris…


Heavily-armed French police and paramilitary forces urgently evacuated Paris’ Gare du Nord, one of Europe’s busiest train stations.

They were conducting a a massive hunt for three Muslim terrorists.

Some reported that as the authorities entered the station, they urged civilians to “run for their lives.”


After hours of searching, the station was reopened, but police still hadn’t found the suspects.

Meaning whatever terrorist attack they had been tipped off to could still happen.


Observers across Europe are increasingly concerned with the electoral victory of Emmanuel Macron as France’s new president.

Macron has vowed to open France’s gates even wider to Muslim migrants from the Middle East.

And groups like ISIS have vowed to exploit that policy to further infiltrate Europe.

What that means in the long-run is a LOT more terror alerts like the train station evacuation, followed by a LOT more devastating attacks.

If this evacuation is any indication, France may have just dug its own grave.

Source: The Sun

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