Israel’s Prime Minister Stopped a Police Officer in New York, and What He Asked the NYPD, Well…


Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was one of the more anticipated speakers at the opening of the UN General Assembly in New York City.

But what Netanyahu did during the days leading up to that appearance is making just as many waves.

The Israeli leader uploaded footage of him simply walking the streets of the Big Apple and greeting average Americans.

And he made a very special point of stopping to shake the hand of every police officer in his path.

Think he was making a statement?

Our men and women in blue are much maligned in America these days, but Netanyahu literally wrote the book on fighting terrorism, and he knows what these folks go through.

Of course, liberals like Israel just about as much as they like the police, which is to say not at all. So I guess the NYPD and Netanyahu were both in good company.

The simple fact is that these men and women are out there putting it all on the line to protect us.

Netanyahu understands this, having served years in Israel’s premier anti-terrorism commando unit.

We might just consider showing them the same thanks and appreciation that Israel’s leader had the class to show during his visit.

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