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Israeli Official Does the UNTHINKABLE to Trump. Netanyahu is PISSED


Understandably, Israelis are excited to have President Trump visiting.

After eight years of a hostile White House under Obama, Israel is ecstatic with Trump’s surprise ascendancy.

And to be included in his first foreign trip as president only underlines Trump’s affinity for Israel.

But one Israeli official let his excitement get the better of him, and ended up embarrassing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

From Times of Israel:

Dozens of ministers, deputy ministers, religious leaders, the heads of the army, police and Mossad — all managed to shake Trump’s hand in quiet dignity.

A few, such as Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin, asked him to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

But only Likud’s MK Oren Hazan, to Netanyahu’s horror — and despite the prime minister attempting to lower Hazan’s arm and prevent it — pulled out his cellphone and took a selfie with the US president.

Look at poor Netanyahu trying to get this clown to back down, while still maintaining his own dignity.


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But at least Trump was a good sport about it.

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