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Israel Threatens to Unleash ‘Unimaginable’ Firepower Against Its Islamic Enemies


Israel’s enemies remain determined to see the Jewish state annihilated.

But Israel’s prepared to wipe out each and every one of them to prevent that from happening.

The main threat today comes from Iran and its proxies around the Middle East.

The most dangerous of those proxies is the Hezbollah terrorist militia that has a stranglehold on Lebanon.

Hezbollah has tens of thousands of missile pointed at Israel, and is taking possession of more and more game-changing weapons every day, using the ongoing civil war in neighboring Syria as cover.

Last week, Israel and Hezbollah leaders engaged in a war of words via the media.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hezbollah’s Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah that he and his people would face overwhelming firepower if they dared to attack Israel.

Via The Jerusalem Post:

If Hezbollah dares confront Israel it will receive an unimaginable blow, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said as Jerusalem’s crisis with Moscow over Syria’s downing of a Russian plane triggered an unusual “war of words” with terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Speaking on Thursday at a Bible study group that he holds a several times a year at his residence, Netanyahu referred to comments Nasrallah made earlier in the day that Hezbollah already has the precision missiles Israel is trying to prevent Iran from transferring via Syria.

“I heard the words that came from the direction of Hezbollah, and they came from the same person who said after the Second Lebanon War in 2006 that if he knew what Israel’s response would have been to the kidnapping of our soldiers, he would have considered twice whether to do so. So today I recommend he think not twice, but 20 times, because if he confronts us, he will get a blow that he cannot even imagine.”

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