Israel Tells Biden Administration to Mind Its Own Business as Police Clash with Palestinian Rioters at Temple Mount


Violence escalated rapidly over the weekend and continuing into the week, beginning with Palestinian riots and clashes with security forces at the Temple Mount and ending with Israeli airstrikes on Gaza as a form of retribution for massive rocket attacks on southern Israel that included targets in Jerusalem.

Rocket fire from Hamas militants in Gaza continued overnight as what had been weeks of rising tensions exploded into an ever-widening crisis.

On Tuesday, Haaretz was reporting that over 250 rockets had been fired into Israel and that 140 targets were hit in Gaza by Israeli forces.

Two Israelis were killed in a rocket attack on Ashkelon, it reported, while Israel claimed it had killed the leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s rocket unit. Estimates of deaths in Gaza varied widely, with at least 20 people reported killed.

Amid calls for the Biden administration to intervene, Israel said that the opposite strategy was the right approach.

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