Israel Takes MAJOR Step Toward Rebuilding Biblical Temple in Jerusalem


Israel and several local NGOs have been busy putting in place all that will be needed for the day that the Temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt.

The Temple Mount is currently occupied by several mosques and the Islamic world is violently committed to keeping it that way.

So Israel’s preparations are nothing short of a step of faith.

If the biblical prophecies about Israel’s own rebirth proved accurate, most Israelis are confident those regarding the Temple will also come true.

As such, Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzchak Yosef has publicly set the value of the biblical half-shekel at 23 New Israel Shekels, or about $6.25.

The half-shekel was the required tax when entering the Temple in biblical times, and paid for its upkeep and the services performed there by the Levitical priests.

What that means is that the moment the Temple is rebuilt, a system will already be in place to finance its operations, which would otherwise be enormously costly for a modern democracy.

The rabbi ended his ruling with a prayer:

“May God merit us to see the building of the Temple, the Kohanim (Jews of the priestly caste) doing the Temple service, very soon, amen.”

Source: Breaking Israel News

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