Israel Takes Critical First Step Toward Building Third Temple


Jews and most Christians believe that, in accordance with biblical prophecy, the Third Temple will be built in Jerusalem.

And this is supposed to happen just before Messiah’s return.

Currently, the Temple Mount is occupied by a number of mosques. It is under the direct control of the Islamic Trust, or Waqf.

And Israel hasn’t dared to challenge that status quo for fear of sparking an explosion of Muslim anger.

But that hasn’t stopped many Jewish organization, some with connections to the government, from preparing for the Temple’s eventual reestablishment.

A critical first step toward realizing that dream is reinstating Jewish prayer atop the Temple Mount.

Presently, Jews and Christians are forbidden from praying there. Again, for fear of upsetting the Muslims.

But Israel’s Supreme Court ruled this year that the state’s freedom of religion laws must apply to the Temple Mount, regardless of the Waqf’s displeasure.

With that ruling in hand, Yaakov Hayman, head a local NGO working on behalf of Jewish worshippers, is preparing to submit a survey map to the Israeli government for the construction of four synagogues atop the Temple Mount.

The synagogues would be located at each of the sacred plateau’s corners.

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“A synagogue is the first step towards building the Third Temple,” Hayman told Breaking Israel News. “The first stage in any building project is surveying the land and getting the map accepted by the government as accurate and valid.”

The four synagogues would all be facing at an angle looking at the center of the Mount. The spot is currently occupied by the Muslim Dome of the Rock, but is precisely where the Third Temple is supposed to stand.

Once built, Hayman, like a growing number of Israeli rabbis, sees the Third Temple as a “House of Prayer for all nations” in accordance with Isaiah 56:7. Most Jewish leaders see this as referring specifically to the millions of Christians who today see themselves as spiritually connected to Israel.

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