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Israeli Soldiers Report Divine Intervention in Battle With ISIS


Israeli soldiers last week clashed with ISIS terrorists along the Israel-Syria border in the Golan Heights. Those same soldiers later reported, and provided evidence of, divine intervention.

Last Sunday, ISIS gunmen opened fire on a group of Israeli soldiers operating in the buffer zone between Israel and Syria.

Israel Air Force aircraft quickly eliminated the threat. A day later, Israel bombed the local terrorist base of operations – a facility that had been surrendered by the UN.

Israel feared the incidents marked the beginning of a severe escalation in ISIS attacks against the Jewish state.

But then, God apparently stepped in.

Divine Intervention

As seen in the following video, shortly after the attacks described above, a literal pillar of cloud appeared, blinding the terrorists, but stopping just at the border and not entering Israel.

Just like the pillar of cloud that protected Israel during her Exodus from Egypt.

H/T Breaking Israel News

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