Israel Police Preparing for Arrival of the Messiah


In Israel, the imminent arrival of the Messiah is not considered a religious fairytale. Indeed, the nation’s police force actively prepares for that coming glory.

Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh explained how his men and women in uniform are getting ready to welcome the Savior.

At a recent religious ceremony, Alsheikh, who is an Orthodox Jew, explained:

“We, the police, are very involved in strengthening the biblical commandment regarding mutual consideration for our fellow man.”

Speaking to the practical aspects of what it would be like for the Messiah to suddenly show up in town, he continued:

“When the Messiah comes, everyone will want to [approach] him so it will get very crowded. That will be a time when we will have to be very considerate in respecting our fellow man.”

In conclusion, Israel’s chief of police made this amazing statement:

“There is no doubt that happiness and serving God will bring us closer. Soon, God willing, we will need to start preparing for the security operation necessary upon the arrival of the Messiah.”

H/T Breaking Israel News

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