Israel Has SCATHING Message for ‘Stupid’ John Kerry After Terror Attack


Israel just endured another painful terrorist attack that took the lives of four of her finest young people.

And while the Palestinians are to blame, they aren’t the only ones at whom Israel is pointing and accusatory finger.

The Obama Administration has for eight years been pressuring Israel to surrender the eastern half of Jerusalem, from where the terrorist originated.

Just last month, Secretary of State John Kerry led the charge in telling Israel that it had no right to Jerusalem.

Israel won’t go that far, but in order to appease Washington and other world powers, it has let the Palestinian Authority control education there.

And that means entire generations of young Arabs are being raised to hate and seek violence, putting peace even further out of reach.

Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan said following Sunday’s terrorist ramming attack in Jerusalem:

“I invite US Secretary of State John Kerry and the representatives of the United Nations Security Council to come over to Jerusalem to witness the results of the Palestinian incitement that they endorse, and to see who we are dealing with.”

The terrorist rammed a large utility truck into a group of young soldiers who were on an educational outing.

Three female soldiers and one male soldier were killed. Another 15 were wounded. All of the victims were between the ages of 18-21.

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Those terrible moments were caught on video by a soldier who was filming the outing on his phone.

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