Israel Blasts the HELL OUT OF ISIS as US-Russia Showdown Looms


The Middle East is a powder keg that’s about to explode. Especially now with Trump’s America and the Russians circling one another in Syria.

But that isn’t stopping Israel from taking care of business against ISIS.

This week, ISIS terrorists operating out of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula fired a missile into southern Israel.

The attack did not cause any damage or injuries, but did mark a severe and rising threat to the Jewish state.


The rocket landed in agricultural fields where there were luckily no workers at the time.


Israel responded by raining hell on ISIS.

Arab media reports indicate that a UAV presumed to belong to Israel fired a number of missiles at a house and vehicle used by ISIS, killing a number of terrorists.

The response prompted the Egyptian government to declare a state of emergency.

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And Israel ordered all Israelis vacationing in Sinai to return home immediately.

Things are ratcheting up very quickly.

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