Islamists Are Preparing to Take Over America and Have Already Initiated Step 1


It’s no secret that radical Islam is looking to conquer America in much the same way as it has conquered several European nations.

What many Americans may not know is just how successfully the jihadists have already completed the first step in achieving that conquest.

If you want to take over a society or civilization from within, you start by indoctrinating the next generation.

And that’s why we see so much Muslim student activism on American university campuses.

For anyone willing to scratch the surface just a little, you realize that many of these student groups are directly tied to terrorist organizations.

The sad reality is that too many Americans are too politically correct to see the truth, much less do anything about it.

But if we don’t act fast, the jihadists will move on to Step 2, and by then it might be too late…

Just ask Germany.

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