ISIS-Supporting Muslim Imam Wishes “DEATH TO AMERICA” Seconds Later GETS BRUTAL Response!


Our constitution protects our freedom of speech. This is what makes this country great.

This video proves that in a awesome way.

Free speech advocate Pamela Geller and radical Islamist Imam Anjem Choudary get into a debate on LIVE TV.
Anjem attacks Geller with these words:

You know what? She should be tried in a Sharia court, be found guilty, and of course she would face capital punishment. She should have thought about that before she had that competition.

You can’t go down that road, insulting Muslims, and think the Muslims aren’t going to retaliate back.

I would attack someone if they insult my mother, let alone the prophet who I love 100 times more.

Here is the video, with Geller’s brutal response to Anjem.

H/T: Yes I’m Right

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