ISIS Shoots At US Helicopter Pilot, So For 5 Hours He Makes Their Lives A Living Hell


Quiet, heroic determination.

That’s the only way to describe the actions of then-Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael Siler.

Siler, a pilot of MH-60L Direct Action Penetrator (DAPS) helicopters, was tasked with providing close air support for a Delta Force ground raid deep inside Syria.

During the classified nighttime mission, ISIS terrorists spotted the helicopter and opened fire.

Siler was wounded.

But that didn’t stop him from remaining on the battlefield for an additional FIVE HOURS.

“Staying in the air with a wounded leg for five hours is no small feat, whether or not he’s on the controls,” another Army Blackhawk helicopter pilot told Business Insider. “That is pretty heroic.”

Not only did Siler stay in the air, according to Pentagon documents related to the 2014 mission, he rained hell upon the ISIS jihadists in support of the Delta Force troops.

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