ISIS Says It Likes Killing Christians Most, Thanks America For Only Taking Muslim Refugees


Obama’s policies regarding Middle East refugees that were in effect until now were music to the ears of ISIS.

After all, the group said it most likes killing Christians, and since Obama was giving preferential treatment to Muslim refugees, that left plenty of Christian victims for ISIS to slaughter.

A video released by ISIS this week revealed that Christians are the “favorite prey” of the jihadist group.

“God gave orders to kill every infidel,” says one of the ISIS terrorists.

“Oh worshippers of the cross … the soldiers of the state are watching you,” warned another.

The video was put out by the newly-minted “Islamic State of Egypt”, the local ISIS branch in Egypt.

Last November, the group blew up a church in Cairo, killing 29 people, mostly women and children.

ISIS said it will soon come for the rest of Egypt’s 9 million Christians.

It also vowed to free all terrorist prisoners as soon as ISIS “liberates” Cairo.

Source: New York Post

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