ISIS Publishes Hitlist of US Churches for Christmas, But Media Doesn’t Care


What should be one of the biggest stories this week is receiving almost no coverage from the mainstream media.

ISIS has put out a hit on thousands of US churches for the Christmas weekend.

The list published by the terror group contains the names and addresses of thousands of churches in the US.

It is calling on followers and supporters who have infiltrated America to launch a bloody wave of terror against Christians.

“Turn the Christian holidays into a bloody horror movie,” read the message posted to Arabic-language social media.

The pages containing the Christmas message also include manuals on how to prepare and use weapons and explosives.

Sons of Islam

Another member of the social media platform called upon “the sons of Islam” to target “churches, well-known hotels, crowded coffee shops, streets, markets and public places” this holiday season.

Again, names and addresses of venues expected to be crowded for Christmas were provided.

ISIS has also claimed the recent attack on a Christmas market in Berlin. Twelve people were killed and nearly 50 more wounded in that act of terror.

ISIS really wants to ruin this Christmas season. We need to all be very vigilant.

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But that’s made all the more difficult by the fact our own Western media isn’t keeping us updated on this threat.

H/T Vocativ

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