ISIS Makes INSANE Threat Against Trump, What Happens Next Is SHOCKING


ISIS has been at war with us from the start. But only after President Trump’s inauguration could American truly be considered at war with ISIS.

And only one side is going to walk away from this showdown.

Iranian news agency Al-Alam reported that a week ago, as Trump was being sworn-in, the youth brigade of ISIS held a mock execution of the president.

Known as “Ashbal al-Khilafah,” the group publicly decapitated a Trump dummy in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

“This symbolic execution was held in the presence of some ISIS rulers, as well as a filming staff,” an Iraqi source told Al-Alam.

The source also related that the mob gathered for the mock execution was chanting: “WE’LL COME TO BEHEAD YOU”

That is a public threat to decapitate the president of the United States.

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Well, this president doesn’t take such threats lying down.

Already, just two days into office, Trump bombed 31 ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Now, Trump has ordered a ground forces incursion deep into ISIS territory.

The mission was to capture a high-ranking ISIS official who the US wants for interrogation.

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According to the Washington Post, it was a success. Two terrorists were killed, the wanted man was captured, and all Americans returned unharmed.

We are living in a new reality!

This type of response would NEVER have happened under Obama.

And capture a senior ISIS figure for interrogation?? Forget it. Obama would be more likely to put him up at a country club.

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