ISIS Horrifically Butchers 250 CHILDREN For the Crime Of…


WARNING – you won’t be the same after reading this horrifying account of what ISIS did to 250 children in Syria.

And all because they were Christian.

This insane story was told by Alice Assaf, the mother of one of those child victims.

She told the humanitarian group Roads of Success that ISIS targeted her Christian village some two years ago.

The jihadists would go through town asking people’s names, and if someone had a name that didn’t sound Muslim, they were executed.

That’s what happened to Alice’s son, George, who told his mother that he would not cower and surrender to the Muslims, but would instead heed Christ’s teaching that one must not deny Him.

After that, Alice recounted how ISIS killed everyone working at the local bakery, and then used the industrial kneading machine to gruesomely crush the town’s remaining 250 children to death.

If it’s difficult for you to imagine such a scene without wanting to vomit or weep, you aren’t alone.

But this is the enemy we are fighting. These are the satanic lengths to which it will go in service to its “god.”

We can’t continue to play games of diplomacy like Barack Obama did. We need to DEFEAT ISIS.

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