ISIS Has Made CHILLING New Threat. We Need to Be READY!


After suffering a setback in the northern Iraq city of Mosul, ISIS is issuing a chilling new threat to the West.

American and other Western forces helped Iraq retake most of Mosul recently. Previously, the Mosul had been ISIS’s capital in Iraq, and the largest city under its control.

ISIS has responded to this defeat by promoting terrorist attacks around the globe.

Until now, ISIS has been primarily focused on conquering the Middle East. But it is now seeing that it must also fight the “crusaders” in addition to Muslims with whom it disagrees.

A new ISIS media campaign has repeatedly called on its supporters in the West to carry out mass terror attacks. Many of those supporters managed to infiltrate America and Europe hidden amidst Middle Eastern refugees.

The group has considerable media resources, despite its rag-tag nature. Among them are video instructions on how to stab unsuspecting victims and how to assemble make-shift explosives.

Low-Tech and Spontaneous

And what makes the attacks it is calling for hard to stop is that they are not large-scale bombings. Instead, ISIS wants its followers to carry out low-tech, spontaneous attacks.

For instance, the group claimed the recent truck ramming attack at a Christmas market in Berlin. Twelve people were killed and many more wounded in a spontaneous and low-tech attack that was impossible to preempt.

ISIS is telling Muslims living in the West that carrying out attacks where they are is equivalent to fighting for the Caliphate in Syria or Iraq.

It hopes to inspire enough terror to ultimately deter America and other Western powers from opposing its Middle East conquest.

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On Alert

Security experts warn that Christmas and New Years celebrations will be prime targets.

Those participating in large events are called upon to be vigilant.

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