ISIS Beheads Christian Children For Saying ‘We Love Jesus’


It’s claimed that Islam is a religion of peace (most often by non-Muslims, it should be noted).

And while I’m not one to judge anyone else, the available evidence would seem to not support that claim.

Jihadists in the Middle East, Europe and even right here in America continue their campaign of conquest against Christians, and so-called “moderate” Muslims do next to nothing to stop them.

It raises certain questions.

What isn’t up for debate is that groups like ISIS need to be defeated, regardless of where one stands on the question of Islam.

And if someone does support these monsters, then clearly they aren’t members of any “religion of peace.”

After all, peaceful folk don’t behead children for saying they love Jesus.

But that’s precisely what the jihadists of ISIS are doing, right now, today, in Iraq.

That’s Canon Andrew White, dubbed the “Vicar of Baghdad,” an English clergyman who has for years served the Christians of Iraq under direct threat from ISIS and other jihadist groups.

And the things he’s seen “peaceful” Muslims do to Christians would make anyone’s stomach turn.

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Nor has White been shy about sharing the truth. Which is why ISIS has put a price on his head, prompting White’s superiors in the Church of England to order him to seek shelter in Israel.

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