Is Your City On This List of STUPID CITIES That Are Releasing Criminal Illegals in Defiance of ICE?


A list of stupid “sanctuary cities” think they are taking a principled stand against President Trump’s immigration policies.

But what they’re really doing is putting the public in great danger.

The very same public that these city governments were elected to serve and protect.

In an effort to keep the public updated and properly warned, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) has started publishing a list of cities that are defying orders to detain and arrest wanted criminal illegals.

The problem is that ICE can only report on those detain orders that are explicitly refused by city officials, or that ICE agents later find out about during the course of raids.

That means the number of criminal illegals either not being arrested or being released back out onto the streets is actually MUCH HIGHER.

Still, the ICE report is helpful in identifying the most dangerous cities in the US.


The ICE report notes:

“…uncooperative jurisdictions prevent ICE from knowing when an alien has been released from custody. Consequently, active detainers exist for aliens who are no longer incarcerated. The field offices are in the process of reviewing outstanding active ICE detainers, potentially affecting the list of jurisdictions listed in future reporting periods.”

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Meanwhile, President Trump is preparing a nice cut in federal funding for these cities until they start doing their job of SERVING AND PROTECTING AMERICAN CITIZENS!

H/T Freedom Outpost

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