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Is This What We Should Start Doing to NFL Players Who Disrespect the National Anthem?


Someone needs to forward this story to Colin Kaepernick. He can thank his lucky stars he was born in a country as free, tolerant and safe as America.

Because in India, there is no tolerance for the kind of nonsense Kaepernick pulls every time the national anthem is played.

At a recent screening of a popular new “Bollywood” film, a group of young people showed great disrespect by not standing during the national anthem.

India has passed a new law requiring the anthem to be played at the start of all movie screenings in the country.

A young man and two female university students who were with him now regret failing to show the proper respect.

Gross Disrespect

The rest of the theater stood to their feet when the national anthem began. But this group decided it was time to take selfies and disregarded the anthem.

When the movie reached intermission, a man behind this young punk grabbed him by the collar and demanded to know why he was so disrespectful.

An argument broke out, and at least 20 other movie-goers joined the outraged patriotic man.

When the young man and his two female compatriots continued to show disrespect, they were beaten.

“We were harassed and manhandled,” they later whined. “They issued life threats and assaulted us.”

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The angered movie-goers were having none of it.

“They were taking selfies when the anthem was being played, which was not welcomed by many of us,” one man told The Times of India.

Now imagine if patriots in the US were able to defend our national symbols against such disrespect? Punks like Kaepernick would find themselves in a lot of trouble.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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