Is THIS Obama’s Plan to Bring Sharia Law to America?


It’s almost too surreal to believe. One of America’s top university’s wants to pay students to come study Sharia Law.

What’s worse, the goal of the program is to push Sharia Law more and more into US government policy and media.

Is it any wonder that this is happening at a school with ties to Barack Obama?

The institution is Harvard Law School, from which Obama graduated in 1991. During his time there, Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review.

It is impossible to look at Harvard’s new affinity for Sharia Law without considering Obama’s influence.

Investing in Sharia

So keen is Harvard to get Sharia Law into the American mainstream, it is offering students up to $5,000 per month (!) for producing policy papers on the topic.

Intisar Rabb, the director of Harvard’s Islamic Legal Studies Program, said he hopes to build “a community of Islamic law scholars in the academy.”

The long-term goal is to inform US “policy and media discourse about Islamic law.”

Smoke Screen

It is already clear that the true goal of this new program is to obscure what radical Islam and Sharia Law are really about.

Among the topics Harvard says it will address are “social change in the Muslim world, with a particular focus on human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, the treatment of minorities, animal rights and constitutional law.”

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But anyone actually familiar with the Muslim world knows that Sharia Law offers no real rights to women and children, and minorities are treated like garbage.

But you can expect the Harvard course to gloss over those inconvenient truths.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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