IRS Data Shatters Myth That the Dems Party is for the Working Man


The Democratic Party is now undeniably the party of the wealthy.

According to Bloomberg, IRS data from 2020 shows that Democrats represent 65 percent of taxpayers with a household income of $500,000.

Meanwhile, the same data establishes that 74 percent of taxpayers in Republican districts have household incomes of less than $100,000.

The Bloomberg report also references Census Bureau data that showed the typical congressional district represented by a Republican was 14 percent richer than the typical Democratic district in 1992. But nearly 30 years later, in 2020, Republican districts were 13 percent poorer than their Democratic counterparts.

A somewhat less scientific analysis from 2020 reinforced that the GOP is the party of working Americans. According to The Cook Political Report, 85 percent of counties with a Whole Foods store voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, while only 32 percent of counties with a Cracker Barrel Old Country store did so — a “culture gap” of 53 points.

This demographic shift is part of a long-term trend that began well before the arrival of Trump and his MAGA policies on the political scene.

A 2015 study revealed that families registered as Democrats have higher annual salaries than Republicans.

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