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Iraqi Man Detained at JFK Just DEMOLISHED Liberal Protests of Trump’s Muslim Ban


Hameed Khalid Darweesh became an Internet sensation when he was detained at JFK Airport after arriving from Iraq.

After is release, the liberal media wanted to use him as a poster boy against President Trump’s Muslim immigration ban. They were sorely disappointed…

Darweesh worked for years as an interpreter for US military forces in Iraq.

That made him even more attractive to those trying to smear President Trump over his new restrictions on those immigrating from Iraq and six other Muslim countries.

Two Democrat congressmen from New York rushed to the airport so they could get their faces on camera when Darweesh was finally released.

There was only one problem…

Following his tedious ordeal, Darweesh refused to say anything bad about President Trump, no matter how hard the media tried to bait him.

Did you catch what Darweesh said at about the 1:00 mark?

A reporter yelled, “What do you want to say to Donald Trump?”

The Iraqi’s response? “I like him.”

It was at that moment that you could see Democrat Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez’s face switch from faux concern to genuine dismay.

True liberal dismay


Darweesh certainly wasn’t happy about being detained for so many hours. Especially after he had risked his life to serve the US military.

But he also wasn’t bitter. He seemed to have some understanding as to why such checks are necessary.

In the end, his primary message wasn’t one of hate or even frustration, much to the media’s own frustration. It was a message of love, hope and appreciation that he now gets to live in America.

As President Trump himself has said, immigrating to America is not anyone’s RIGHT. It is a PRIVILEGE. And Mr. Darweesh clearly understands that, even if our own liberal media baiters don’t.

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