Iran Thanks Obama For Boosting Its Nuclear Program


Iran’s nuclear program is far more advanced and its military better equipped thanks to the deal brokered by President Obama.

That’s what Behrouz Kamalvandi, second-in-command of Iran’s atomic energy agency, had to say this week.

“We are now in possession of some new reactors that are much technically superior to their previous versions,” Kamalvandi told Iranian media.

Iran has also been able to join various scientific projects that have bolstered its nuclear know-how.

Earlier in the week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that he had fulfilled his promise to upgrade Iran’s centrifuges. Again, thanks to Obama’s nuclear deal.

None of the advancements are directly related to nuclear weapons. But they are the kinds of upgrades that could help Iran acquire a nuclear bomb much more easily, should it later decide to do so.

Rolling in the Dough

And then there’s all the money Iran is now making.

The Obama Administration flat out gave the ayatollahs $1.7 billion earlier this year. It is now believed the bulk of that cash was responsible for the sharp increase in the Iranian military’s budget.

The Islamic Republic has also been able to sign a number of nuclear-related agreements of its own. And each of those is expected to bring in big bucks.

“If we manage our resources correctly, we can join the top ten economies in the world,” said Kamalvandi.

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President-elect Donald Trump has called the Iran nuclear agreement that “stupidest deal of all time.” And now its becoming even more clear why.

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