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Iran Takes Drastic Measure After Trump Encourages More Anti-Regime Protests


Iran is again enflamed, again reminding Western liberals that the problem isn’t President Trump or any Western policy, but rather the Islamic Republic’s dictatorial theocratic overlords.

Days of genuine, grass-roots pro-democracy demonstrations have been followed by laughably phony “pro-regime” rallies no doubt paid for (or demanded on pain of death) by the ayatollahs.

Naturally, President Trump, along with other world leaders, has been trying to encourage the people of Iran to press forward with tweets ensuring them that the “world is watching.”

The ayatollahs, of course, don’t want the people of Iran to see such support coming from the most powerful man in the world, so they’ve take drastic measures.

They’ve shut down the Internet. All of it.

Iran typically blocks or heavily filters social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

But the likelihood of Trump’s tweets getting through via sharing was to high, so authorities completely cut all Internet access to mobile phones over the weekend.

The service was eventually restored, but the move demonstrated the totalitarian lengths to which the Iranian regime is willing to go to keep itself in power, even against the will of its own people.

Source: Yahoo

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