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Iran FREAKING OUT After Trump Said This…


President Donald Trump let Iran know in no uncertain terms that he is NOT Barack Obama.

And that is bad news for the ayatollahs in Tehran, who had grown accustomed to walking all over the previous American president.

This week, Iran tested a ballistic missile. And Iranian-trained and funded Houthi militants attacked a Saudi naval vessel.

These are exactly the types of actions Obama would let Iran get away with.

He wouldn’t confront Tehran over its missile test, even though they violated signed agreements, because Obama was more concerned about protecting the legacy he had tied to the Iran nuclear deal.

And he was so afraid of going to war (because he wasn’t a real leader) that Obama was happy to turn a blind eye to Iranian proxies doing its dirty work.

But Trump is a different kind of president entirely.

National Security Advisor Mike Flynn laid down the law:

“The Obama Administration failed to respond adequately to Tehran’s malign actions… The Trump Administration condemns such actions by Iran that undermine security, prosperity, and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East and place American lives at risk.”

He continued:

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“In these and other similar activities, Iran continues to threaten U.S. friends and allies in the region.”

And then Flynn really got down to business:

“As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

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A day later, President Trump himself let Iran know via Twitter that there will be no more “Mr. Nice Guy” from Washington.

The days of America being pushed around by its enemies are OVER. They ended with Barack Obama’s political career.

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