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Iran Collapsing: ‘Exodus In Progress?’ Mystery Aircrafts Depart Iran w/ ‘No Callsign or Destination’ — Revolutionaries Storming Towards Supreme Leader’s Home


Digital Politics Daily Reports: Due to massive unrest in Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, a number of aircraft have left the country without a callsign, origin, or destination.

Here’s the scoop…

From Gateway Pundit:

Last night, a large number of aircraft were spotted leaving Iran with “no callsign, origin, or destination.” Strategic Sentinel, a DC-based firm that provides “nonpartisan international relations and national security analysis,” raised the prospect that the live flight radar data may suggest an “exodus,” is in progress.

Below is the firm’s thread on the data:

Protesters are marching toward Supreme Leader Khamenei’s residence, per Al Alarabiya English:

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Several media outlets have reported that a crowd of protestors began marching toward Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s residence on Pasteur St. on Sunday night in the capital Tehran.

Sources have confirmed security forces and members of the Revolutionary Guards were heavily deployed in nearby streets Khamenei’s residence.

According to Shahrvand-Yar, a non-profit institution that advocates for democracy and change in Iran, said on its channel on Telgram app that the crowds of protesters began marching toward’s the house at exactly 19:50 Tehran time.

More on Iranian unrest, from Reuters:

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DUBAI (Reuters) – Ten people were killed during protests in Iran on Sunday and armed demonstrators tried to seize police stations and military bases but were repulsed by security forces, state television said on Monday.

The nationwide protests have drawn in tens of thousands of people and represent the boldest challenge to Iran’s leadership since pro-reform unrest in 2009. Calls for more demonstrations on Monday raise the possibility of prolonged instability.

“Some armed protesters tried to take control of some police stations and military bases but they met strong resistance from security forces,” state TV said. It gave no details of what happened and there was no independent confirmation.

State television also said 10 people were killed in several cities on Sunday night and showed footage of damage to property. It did not elaborate.  READ MORE

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